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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

We are all going to miss you..

Almost over...

We are only 2 days away from the end of the 10th Doctor, and I am feeling sad about him leaving, as is everyone else.

I wont be posting a review of "The end of time" until after New years day, so I can review both parts.

But what I will say is: What an unexpected ending to a very amazing 1st part...

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Slight changes, for the moment

As you can probably see, there is a new banner for the blog. I felt it was time the blog got a new look to it.
I am also looking for someone to help me with this blog, as it is soon going to become a Doctor Who news blog, as well as the stories.
Updates on these will be released soon, as with the other news.

There is also going to be more change to come, and it will be very big changes.


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

There are some mega changes taking place at INTO THE VORTEX HQ. And these mega changes may mean that the special mini series (As it is being called for the moment) won't be released until Summer 2010.

Im still not sure about what is going to happen, but im sure its going to be brilliant.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Sunday, 6 December 2009

writing is ago go

Im now in the process of writing the script for the special mini series.
Im hoping that this will take only 2 days to do, maximum.

After that im on the hunt for a cast, a boom mic, and then we can start filming.


Thursday, 26 November 2009

The plans are almost in place, and the finally decisions are being made.
About what though?

Well there are plans to make a special Doctor who mini-series, to be posted on Youtube (and on here), made by me, and a few friends.

The mini-series will be like nothing you've seen before, but hopefully you will really really like it. I'm hoping you will.

Here's the synopsis:
The Doctor finds himself trapped in a house with five complete strangers, they can't get out, and there is something in the house. It's coming for them...

Sorry about the constant change in stories and everything, but this one i am sticking with, and its going to be good!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Its nearing

Sorry for not posting anything for the past month or so, but i have been very busy, planning and creating the stories for January 2010.
The 1st story will be post on the 9th January 2010 and will involve the Doctor going to a place in the universe he hoped he would never have to go.

I really hope you enjoy whats to come because i am

George -Nox

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Once again..

..I have not posted anything for about a week, i feel shameful!

So i going to jump straight in a say "THE DOCTOR IS IN SARAH JANE ADVENTURES NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!"

I think it goes without saying that myself, and all of you will be watching!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Competition time!

The first competition, and yes it is one of those design a monster competitions, as there arent alot o them out there! lol


Just comment on this post with the name and description of your monster, just tell me almost everything about it! What it looks like is most important thing!

The competition closes on the 10th November! So hurry!!!!

The winner will get there monster featured in a special christmas comic! yes that right, a special christmas comic!

George - nox

P.S sorry for the sarcasm in this post

And now, the time is nearer

As you can probably see, there is a poll for naming the title of a new series of stories about Doctor who.

Well those stories are going to be written by me, and may even possibly become a comic strip series, drawn by my friend, we are in talks at the moment. If this happens it will be really really exciting!!!!

Well its now out there for the world to see.

George - nox

P.S go and vote!!!!

Friday, 16 October 2009


Two posts in one night, aren't you a lucky bunch!

Re my post earlier. My media teacher hates Doctor who, trying you convert her to liking it, any methods i should use? legal ones please lol

George - nox

Cup of tea

Dont ask about the name, just random.

Anyway, soon you will start to notice that there will be a post every 2 days, so that you don't feel that this blog is gone. Like it was those long horrid weeks.

Well today's news is mainly on a small scale. I forced my Sixth form Media teacher to put Doctor who stuff up around the classroom for the opening evening, and well there was an influx of kids who just love doctor who!!! So a good move from me i think. lol

thats all today

George - nox

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

"The Entity is coming"

OK, i lost track of months and the stories didnt happen
i let everyone down, i am really really really really sorry

anyway, there is some good news, but nothing i can say yet. I dont want to promise something and then not keep the promise.

But what i will say is "The Entity is coming". That is all i can actually say.


Thursday, 3 September 2009


There hasnt been a post for the stories for a week now, and there should have been. I have been really busy sorting out all of the stories and havent got round to actually typing up the first story.

So today you should hopefully get both the first and the second story, HOPEFULLY!

No promises, but you will definatly get the first story.


Monday, 17 August 2009


into the vortex (part 1 of 3)

Slowly Cassie opened the door of the TARDIS she wasn't sure what to expect, everything about that day wasn't was she had exactly expected.

One moment she was working in a shop in a small Irish village. And then he arrived. The man in the brown pin strip suit. The Doctor.

He had saved her, she was moments away for death and he saved her. She had been starring a giant alien creature who was about to eat the planet Earth, she has looked right into its eyes. She couldn't believe it.

"Come in then" The Doctor said, he was stood by the console of the TARDIS.

Cassie walked fully into the TARDIS. She closed the door behind her, turned and looked around and the sheer amazement of the TARDIS. It was hard for her to believe that a room of that size was able to fit in a small blue box.

She looked below her feet, seeing different kinds of machinery. She noticed a extremly shiny piece of metal, she could see her reflection. Her long bright blond hair was messy and dirty from falling over. Her bright blue eyes stood out from her pale skin.

"Right Where do you want to go?" Happily said the Doctor

"I dont know, the planet Solarastic" Cassie giggled.

"Okay then" The Doctor smiled, Cassie didnt expect for there to be an actually planet called Solarastic.

Actually can we go to earth, 1985? I've always wanted to go back to the 80s" Cassie smiled.

"Ok then, Allions-y" The Doctor pushed and pulled a few buttons and levers.

Suddenly the TARDIS began to shake. The Doctor and Cassie grabbed onto the console, holding on for dear life.

The main collum at the center of the TARDIS sparked, it was glowing a bright red. The metal flooring of the TARIDS was unhinging and boucing around.

"Hold on tight" A strange male voice came booming around the TARDIS.

The Doctor and Cassie's faces turned to see a man dressing in a smart slim fitting black suit, with a white untucked shirt. A long grey overcoat hid most of his suit.

"Who the hell are you?" Shouted the Doctor trying to be heard over the sound of the TARDIS being ripped apart.

"I'm sorry Doctor but the Earth is about to end." He rushed to the center collumn and placed a small remote shaped device into the TARDIS.

As he placed it in, the TARDIS gave a large jolt. The man fell to the floor.

The whole console room was shaking, jolting, and spinning. The Doctor manage to get to his feet, smashing buttons on the TARDIS. "What did you do?!" He shouted at the strange man on the floor.

"I put in that device, it had pre-set coordinates for present day earth!" The man shouted, trying to be heard of the noise of the TARDIS.

"You idiot! I had alread set in the coordinates for earth! Now the TARDIS is trying to choose which is the right coordinates and it wont be able to do that!" The Doctor was almost screaming at the man.

"What will happen then?!" Cassie screamed.

"The Two coordinates will mix together, causing an infinanty protantamal!" Shouted the Doctor.

"What the hell is that?!" The stranger fell to the floor again.

"It means we could go absolutley anywhere!" The Doctor fell to the floor as the TARDIS jolted to a stop.

"Where here" Said Cassie, trying to catch her breath.

"But where is here" The Doctor got to his feet. As did the stranger...

to be continued.....


Thursday, 6 August 2009

Doctor who - Day of the Doomed


The banner title for the 5 stories has been choosen and is now going to be known as "The Day of the Doomed".

Also the titles for each single episode have been choosen are are as follows:

1) Into the vortex
2) The Red sky
3) From the abyss
4) Command of the fallen
5) The Day of the Doomed

I will soon posted the synopsis of the stories.
The first of the stories will be posted on the 25th of August

your thoughts?

Friday, 31 July 2009

The final is the begining

I am really really sorry:
1) for not reviewing torchwood Days 3-5 (which were amazing)
2) not posting the stories like a promised

well i am on holiday at the moment so as soon as i get back i will get reviewing days 3-5 of torchwood even though they are really late. And i will posting the stories, and this is were amazing news comes in.

the orginial ending to my series on stories, is now becoming the beginning!!!!!

The ending to my series of stories was a three parter called; command of the fallen/deep in the abyss/ and another name which i cant remember!!!

These stories are going to be amazing. they will big on a massive scale, the enemies in these stories will be amazing, and the story is on its on a brilliant one.

I really really really hope that you all will enjoy the stories. There will be five in total. (like with torchwood)

well thats all for now.


Thursday, 9 July 2009

TORCHWOOD: day 1 and 2 review

Sorry about the delay of this review, but ive been busy. Anyhow, lets get straight to the review shall we.

DAY ONE: this episode started off like most other torchwood stories, well apart from the children thing ofcourse. But it soon became apparent that this story was not going to be like any other, this was going to be big, fast paced, exciting, extreme and brilliant!

The children thing was actually really creep, worrying and scarey at some points. A good device to build up the story of the show, and it kind of worked. But I think that in this episode the story of the children, however big it was, it was over shadowed by the government stories, and the story of that Doctor following Torchwood.

Even though I knew about Jack Daughter (from reading this on the interent) it was still quite a shock to hear the conversation between Jack and his daughter, Alice. I think is good that we keep hearing more about Jack's past, we are able to piece him together as a character, and sort of understand him.

It's also good that we now know more about Ianto and his life and background, because sometimes he just becomes the tea boy, and not a true memeber of Torchwood. I think that we will now see Ianto become a full member of Torchwood, on the front line, not just a man who makes tea, drives them around, and loves Jack.

And what and explosive ending to the episode (haha). I knew about the explosion, as did everyone else, but the way that it hapeened was unexpected. It blew all of my theories out of the window.

Overall the episode was specatular, although i think it should have had more of the aliens speaking through the children, more creepy that way, possibly darken the children scenes.

8/10 from me, a supreme episode! fast past, exciting, brilliant.

DAY TWO: not as good as the first episode but still bloody brilliant! It was horrible the way Jack was treated in this episode, but it got me thinking, how do you kill someone who can't die? (any thoughts on this?).

I think it was a more rounded episode, not as fast paced as the first, and not as exciting, but the content of this episode kept me glued to the television screen.

I got the feeling that this episode didn't include much about the children, a few warning from them, and a few scares. But other then that a pretty children free episode, sort of. This epsiode was more about the 456, i think the writers wanted to make them more of a main theme in this Torchwood story then the children, and rightly so.

It was fantastic that way Gwen and Rhys infiltrated that secret base, and got to jacks cells. I thought it quite funny when the found the cell filled with cement. And then all of a sudden I found myself worried that Gwen and Rhys were surrounded with, seemingly, no way of escape. Then suddenly Ianto saves them and jack with a JCB classic moment I think!

That tank that we saw at the end of the episode was strange, I wasn't sure what was really going to happen with it, or that gas inside. I thought maybe they released it onto the world and killed everyone if they didn't get what they wanted, but maybe not.

All in all this episode wasn't as good as the first, for me. I didn't find this episode giving much information, apart from Jack can never, ever, ever die, ever. And that goverenment order Jack to be killed, but we knew that already. However I didnt find the episode fun, exciting, and jam packed, not as fast paces as the first though.

7/10 from me, fantasic episode

THE REVIEW FOR DAY THREE WILL ARRIVE WITH DAY FOUR! so you'll have to wait wont you =



The man with no name

It here the day where you luckly lot find out the name of the second companion.

His name is Adam, he will be welcomed into the universe of WHO in stories 7, entitled "lost in the dark".

Also there is abit of sad news, my other blog, the one this blog came from is ending, i never use it and there is no point for it.
Everything that i would do on that blog is what i will do on here. Which means this blog is going to get very busy over the next few weeks.

George - Nox

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

New line up

This is the new line up of the stories. This way the stories will run better! Each episode has a short synopsis, hope you enjoy.

(you may notice that stories 8-13 are missing, that is because they story for them is being keep quiet)


1)the lonely playground – The Doctor investigates the disappearance of children in a village. It seems that the disappearances are all happening in the village playground, and a boy names Samson.
2) Shock – The Doctor decides to show off in front of his new companion, by taking her to the planet “Internet”, but the internet has been shut down, and there are two civilizations at war.

3) Grounds of earth – Earth is under threat, a giant slug race is going to feast upon the Earth, the doctor must save the earth, but this time it won’t be as easy

4, 5) Feed of the dead/ The stolen lives – An alien race known as the garagoths are invading earth and stealing the lives of humans. Cassie is put in grave danger when the garagoths kidnap the doctor and threaten to kill her and the Doctor if they don’t get what they came for.

6) Judgment of the Doctor – the Doctor takes Cassie to a hotel planet, which is completely electric. But someone on the planet wants the Doctor dead.

7) Lost in the Dark – The Doctor is separated from Cassie when the TARDIS is taken to a strange planet, where it is always night, with a giant maze. The Doctor and a new team must work through the maze to survive, but there are things in the dark.

hope you enjoy

Big change!

The first of the Doctor Who stories will not feature Cassie, his new companion, sort of. It has been decided will be introduced to the world of WHO at the end of the story, very briefly.

This change will help the progression of the stories, for me, and who ever is reading the stories.
The stories will now be able to flow better, not starting with a new companion straight away means that there is more time to introduce the way that the stories will be written and give more time for you lot, the readers to get use to the stories.

Also there is 24 days left to decide the name of the second companion. Head over to my other blog and get voting!

Thats all the news I have at the moment.

Due to this major change, the story "Grounds of Earth" has to be completely changed. The story will be posted later during this week.

Monday, 27 April 2009

the first of many competitions

You may have noticed in my blog "Titles and villains" that I mentioned about the christmas story, I didn't really say much about it, although I did say that I'll "come back to that later". Well now I can tell you.

The christmas story is going to be entirely up to you, ofcourse I'll be writing it, but the monster and the storyline will be totally up to you, YES YOU!

To enter this competition (the first of many btw) just send me a bried discription of your monster, and the storyline to Vmidnight@live.co.uk,

The monster must have: a name, a home planet, a weakness, a discriptions of what it looks like (a picture can be included), also must a power.

The storyline must: be short, no more than 200 words. It must be set at christmas, on earth, present day. It must have a beginning, where the doctor comes to earth (with one companion, dont name them), and finds a monster, or something like that. A middle, where the doctor tries to stop the aliens, or gets captured, or has to save his companion. And an end, the Doctor saves the day and then leaves earth with his companion.

1) Only one monster per person,
2) A person can only enter once.
3) The monster must be new and orignial, NO COPYING monsters with new names.
4) The story must only feature one companion
5) The story must be new and original, NO COPYING
6) Be sensible
7) Create a monster and a story which is exciting and fun, no dule, sad stories.
8) Idea must be your own!
9) The story should have a christmas theme.
10) Follow the rules

Anyone who enters must follow the rules, those who dont will be ignored.
Just have fun with this, let your imagination run wild, dont hold back on an idea. Make sure that you read everything, so that you understand (a second read is advisable).

all enteries must sent by 1st SEPTEMBER 2009. The winner will be annouced on the 1st OCTOBER 2009.

George - Nox

(if your not clear on anything just email me)

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Titles and Villans


The titles for the Doctor who stories have been decided and go as follows:

1)Grounds of earth
2)Judgment of the Doctor
3)The lonely playground
4, 5) Feed of the dead/ The stolen lives
7, 8)The day the Doctor dies/ The hitchhicker's ride
9)Lost in the Dark
10, 11, 12) Command of the fallen/ Depths of the abyss/ Day of the doomed

There will also be a christmas story, but we'll come to that another time =P

Also here is a list of the moster's and villains of these 13 stories, not in order, so think whatever you want about them:

The virus
The Entity

there you go =)

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Pt1: Ground of earth

The earthquake shook the whole of the small town. Dangerously powerful gal force winds blew around, making it hard not to be blown away. People tried desperately to get to somewhere safe as anything not held down flew dangerously in the air. Newspaper pages covered the sky, bins rolled around the ground, glass windows shattered in an instant. The content of shop and homes were thrown around, broken and made unfixable.
Suddenly, from seemingly nowhere appeared a man in a brown pin-strip suit, running towards a small corner shop, "The local". He rushed inside it's doors and appeared to fly towards the fridges. The customers, who sat in balls on the ground, watched the stranger in amazement. The girl at the counter watched him, eagle eyed. The stranger picked up several pints of milk and then flew towards the door of the shop, vanishing out of sight.
The girl at the counter clicked on to what the strange man had just done, he was stealing the milk. As the shops ceiling crumbles, and shelves collapsed, the girl jumped over the counter and chased after him.
The strange man ran down the street, clutching the pints of milk, seeming not to be effected by the earthquake.
"Oi, come back here!" yelled the girl, "you haven't paid for them!". She also seemed not to be taking notice of the earthquake, and the small town crumbling around her.
She stopped, an old red car began to slide towards her. She panicked. Her heart pounding faster than she had ever known. She made a sharp move, towards the direction she was running, just centimeters from being crushed. She stood still for a few seconds, pulling herself together, she began to continue her chase of the strange man.
By the bottom of the road stood an small blue box. "Police box?" she read the words aloud, confused by what it was.
The strange man just in front of her, she had almost got him. And then he did something unexpected. He walked into the blue box. She reached it, it was tiny, barely enough room for four people. "What is he doing in there?" she thought to herself, confused by what the stranger was doing. "The milk!" She said, in a way that reminded her of what she was actually doing.
Then came a noise that she would never forget, the noise that came from the small blue box. "What the hell is he doing?", she was dazed by what was happening, today was turning out to be the weirdest of days. Forcing herself to move, she found herself opening the door to the small blue box, slowly walking towards the inside, and then she was in, shutting the door behind her.
Then she looked around her."What the hell is this?", she almost fainted. Her heart beating faster than before. The room she had entered was a lot bigger than the outside was, how is it possible?. She had entered a dome-shaped chamber, with strangely shaped columns reaching up high above. She didn't know what to do, she was bewildered by what she saw. She let out a high pitched squeak accidentally. Embarrassment came over her as the Stranger who was at, what looked like a control panel, turned to her.
"What!? Who!?" the stranger exclaimed. She just let out a series of strange and confusing noises, which could be thought to mean "who, what, where, how and why?".
The strange man sharply turned to controls in the middle of the room and began pushing buttons, pulling levers, and waking things with a mallet.
"No! No! No! this cant happen, not again" the stranger yelled, furiously hitting the controls. Where was she?, why was she there in the first place?, and what was he doing? She has no idea, but she had a feeling things were about to get even weirder. Suddenly she was flung into the air, as the room she was in began to shake violently. Sparks flew from the controls and the strange held on for dear life, what was happening?

Monday, 20 April 2009

Change of plan...

I have decided that it would be best if instead of a series of comic stories, I will be writing stories.

I have deicided to do this because:
1) I am use to writing books and stories, rather than comics
2) I will be able to transfer the stories much easier than the comic stories
3) It will not take me as much time to write the stories, as it would to plan, draw, colour and post the comic stories.

I think this will be much better, and hopfully you do as well

George - Nox

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Coming soon...

The first of the comic strip stories is called "Grounds of Earth", it will be posted on the 21st of may.

"Grounds of Earth" follows the Doctor trying to stop a new race of aliens, the slargmarsh, from eating the planet.

The story will introduce The slargmarsh, who are a giant slug race who go from planet to planet, eating each one of the planets as they go along. The Story will also introduce a new companion, Cassie, a smart 18 year old, who finds the Doctor in the strangest of ways.

There will be 13 Comic Stories in total, each will the 10th Doctor in. The 13 stories will make a series, the second series will have the 11th Doctor in.

Hope you will enjoy it,
George - Nox