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Monday, 17 August 2009


into the vortex (part 1 of 3)

Slowly Cassie opened the door of the TARDIS she wasn't sure what to expect, everything about that day wasn't was she had exactly expected.

One moment she was working in a shop in a small Irish village. And then he arrived. The man in the brown pin strip suit. The Doctor.

He had saved her, she was moments away for death and he saved her. She had been starring a giant alien creature who was about to eat the planet Earth, she has looked right into its eyes. She couldn't believe it.

"Come in then" The Doctor said, he was stood by the console of the TARDIS.

Cassie walked fully into the TARDIS. She closed the door behind her, turned and looked around and the sheer amazement of the TARDIS. It was hard for her to believe that a room of that size was able to fit in a small blue box.

She looked below her feet, seeing different kinds of machinery. She noticed a extremly shiny piece of metal, she could see her reflection. Her long bright blond hair was messy and dirty from falling over. Her bright blue eyes stood out from her pale skin.

"Right Where do you want to go?" Happily said the Doctor

"I dont know, the planet Solarastic" Cassie giggled.

"Okay then" The Doctor smiled, Cassie didnt expect for there to be an actually planet called Solarastic.

Actually can we go to earth, 1985? I've always wanted to go back to the 80s" Cassie smiled.

"Ok then, Allions-y" The Doctor pushed and pulled a few buttons and levers.

Suddenly the TARDIS began to shake. The Doctor and Cassie grabbed onto the console, holding on for dear life.

The main collum at the center of the TARDIS sparked, it was glowing a bright red. The metal flooring of the TARIDS was unhinging and boucing around.

"Hold on tight" A strange male voice came booming around the TARDIS.

The Doctor and Cassie's faces turned to see a man dressing in a smart slim fitting black suit, with a white untucked shirt. A long grey overcoat hid most of his suit.

"Who the hell are you?" Shouted the Doctor trying to be heard over the sound of the TARDIS being ripped apart.

"I'm sorry Doctor but the Earth is about to end." He rushed to the center collumn and placed a small remote shaped device into the TARDIS.

As he placed it in, the TARDIS gave a large jolt. The man fell to the floor.

The whole console room was shaking, jolting, and spinning. The Doctor manage to get to his feet, smashing buttons on the TARDIS. "What did you do?!" He shouted at the strange man on the floor.

"I put in that device, it had pre-set coordinates for present day earth!" The man shouted, trying to be heard of the noise of the TARDIS.

"You idiot! I had alread set in the coordinates for earth! Now the TARDIS is trying to choose which is the right coordinates and it wont be able to do that!" The Doctor was almost screaming at the man.

"What will happen then?!" Cassie screamed.

"The Two coordinates will mix together, causing an infinanty protantamal!" Shouted the Doctor.

"What the hell is that?!" The stranger fell to the floor again.

"It means we could go absolutley anywhere!" The Doctor fell to the floor as the TARDIS jolted to a stop.

"Where here" Said Cassie, trying to catch her breath.

"But where is here" The Doctor got to his feet. As did the stranger...

to be continued.....


Thursday, 6 August 2009

Doctor who - Day of the Doomed


The banner title for the 5 stories has been choosen and is now going to be known as "The Day of the Doomed".

Also the titles for each single episode have been choosen are are as follows:

1) Into the vortex
2) The Red sky
3) From the abyss
4) Command of the fallen
5) The Day of the Doomed

I will soon posted the synopsis of the stories.
The first of the stories will be posted on the 25th of August

your thoughts?