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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Pt1: Ground of earth

The earthquake shook the whole of the small town. Dangerously powerful gal force winds blew around, making it hard not to be blown away. People tried desperately to get to somewhere safe as anything not held down flew dangerously in the air. Newspaper pages covered the sky, bins rolled around the ground, glass windows shattered in an instant. The content of shop and homes were thrown around, broken and made unfixable.
Suddenly, from seemingly nowhere appeared a man in a brown pin-strip suit, running towards a small corner shop, "The local". He rushed inside it's doors and appeared to fly towards the fridges. The customers, who sat in balls on the ground, watched the stranger in amazement. The girl at the counter watched him, eagle eyed. The stranger picked up several pints of milk and then flew towards the door of the shop, vanishing out of sight.
The girl at the counter clicked on to what the strange man had just done, he was stealing the milk. As the shops ceiling crumbles, and shelves collapsed, the girl jumped over the counter and chased after him.
The strange man ran down the street, clutching the pints of milk, seeming not to be effected by the earthquake.
"Oi, come back here!" yelled the girl, "you haven't paid for them!". She also seemed not to be taking notice of the earthquake, and the small town crumbling around her.
She stopped, an old red car began to slide towards her. She panicked. Her heart pounding faster than she had ever known. She made a sharp move, towards the direction she was running, just centimeters from being crushed. She stood still for a few seconds, pulling herself together, she began to continue her chase of the strange man.
By the bottom of the road stood an small blue box. "Police box?" she read the words aloud, confused by what it was.
The strange man just in front of her, she had almost got him. And then he did something unexpected. He walked into the blue box. She reached it, it was tiny, barely enough room for four people. "What is he doing in there?" she thought to herself, confused by what the stranger was doing. "The milk!" She said, in a way that reminded her of what she was actually doing.
Then came a noise that she would never forget, the noise that came from the small blue box. "What the hell is he doing?", she was dazed by what was happening, today was turning out to be the weirdest of days. Forcing herself to move, she found herself opening the door to the small blue box, slowly walking towards the inside, and then she was in, shutting the door behind her.
Then she looked around her."What the hell is this?", she almost fainted. Her heart beating faster than before. The room she had entered was a lot bigger than the outside was, how is it possible?. She had entered a dome-shaped chamber, with strangely shaped columns reaching up high above. She didn't know what to do, she was bewildered by what she saw. She let out a high pitched squeak accidentally. Embarrassment came over her as the Stranger who was at, what looked like a control panel, turned to her.
"What!? Who!?" the stranger exclaimed. She just let out a series of strange and confusing noises, which could be thought to mean "who, what, where, how and why?".
The strange man sharply turned to controls in the middle of the room and began pushing buttons, pulling levers, and waking things with a mallet.
"No! No! No! this cant happen, not again" the stranger yelled, furiously hitting the controls. Where was she?, why was she there in the first place?, and what was he doing? She has no idea, but she had a feeling things were about to get even weirder. Suddenly she was flung into the air, as the room she was in began to shake violently. Sparks flew from the controls and the strange held on for dear life, what was happening?

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