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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Once again..

..I have not posted anything for about a week, i feel shameful!

So i going to jump straight in a say "THE DOCTOR IS IN SARAH JANE ADVENTURES NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!"

I think it goes without saying that myself, and all of you will be watching!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Competition time!

The first competition, and yes it is one of those design a monster competitions, as there arent alot o them out there! lol


Just comment on this post with the name and description of your monster, just tell me almost everything about it! What it looks like is most important thing!

The competition closes on the 10th November! So hurry!!!!

The winner will get there monster featured in a special christmas comic! yes that right, a special christmas comic!

George - nox

P.S sorry for the sarcasm in this post

And now, the time is nearer

As you can probably see, there is a poll for naming the title of a new series of stories about Doctor who.

Well those stories are going to be written by me, and may even possibly become a comic strip series, drawn by my friend, we are in talks at the moment. If this happens it will be really really exciting!!!!

Well its now out there for the world to see.

George - nox

P.S go and vote!!!!

Friday, 16 October 2009


Two posts in one night, aren't you a lucky bunch!

Re my post earlier. My media teacher hates Doctor who, trying you convert her to liking it, any methods i should use? legal ones please lol

George - nox

Cup of tea

Dont ask about the name, just random.

Anyway, soon you will start to notice that there will be a post every 2 days, so that you don't feel that this blog is gone. Like it was those long horrid weeks.

Well today's news is mainly on a small scale. I forced my Sixth form Media teacher to put Doctor who stuff up around the classroom for the opening evening, and well there was an influx of kids who just love doctor who!!! So a good move from me i think. lol

thats all today

George - nox

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

"The Entity is coming"

OK, i lost track of months and the stories didnt happen
i let everyone down, i am really really really really sorry

anyway, there is some good news, but nothing i can say yet. I dont want to promise something and then not keep the promise.

But what i will say is "The Entity is coming". That is all i can actually say.