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Thursday, 9 July 2009

TORCHWOOD: day 1 and 2 review

Sorry about the delay of this review, but ive been busy. Anyhow, lets get straight to the review shall we.

DAY ONE: this episode started off like most other torchwood stories, well apart from the children thing ofcourse. But it soon became apparent that this story was not going to be like any other, this was going to be big, fast paced, exciting, extreme and brilliant!

The children thing was actually really creep, worrying and scarey at some points. A good device to build up the story of the show, and it kind of worked. But I think that in this episode the story of the children, however big it was, it was over shadowed by the government stories, and the story of that Doctor following Torchwood.

Even though I knew about Jack Daughter (from reading this on the interent) it was still quite a shock to hear the conversation between Jack and his daughter, Alice. I think is good that we keep hearing more about Jack's past, we are able to piece him together as a character, and sort of understand him.

It's also good that we now know more about Ianto and his life and background, because sometimes he just becomes the tea boy, and not a true memeber of Torchwood. I think that we will now see Ianto become a full member of Torchwood, on the front line, not just a man who makes tea, drives them around, and loves Jack.

And what and explosive ending to the episode (haha). I knew about the explosion, as did everyone else, but the way that it hapeened was unexpected. It blew all of my theories out of the window.

Overall the episode was specatular, although i think it should have had more of the aliens speaking through the children, more creepy that way, possibly darken the children scenes.

8/10 from me, a supreme episode! fast past, exciting, brilliant.

DAY TWO: not as good as the first episode but still bloody brilliant! It was horrible the way Jack was treated in this episode, but it got me thinking, how do you kill someone who can't die? (any thoughts on this?).

I think it was a more rounded episode, not as fast paced as the first, and not as exciting, but the content of this episode kept me glued to the television screen.

I got the feeling that this episode didn't include much about the children, a few warning from them, and a few scares. But other then that a pretty children free episode, sort of. This epsiode was more about the 456, i think the writers wanted to make them more of a main theme in this Torchwood story then the children, and rightly so.

It was fantastic that way Gwen and Rhys infiltrated that secret base, and got to jacks cells. I thought it quite funny when the found the cell filled with cement. And then all of a sudden I found myself worried that Gwen and Rhys were surrounded with, seemingly, no way of escape. Then suddenly Ianto saves them and jack with a JCB classic moment I think!

That tank that we saw at the end of the episode was strange, I wasn't sure what was really going to happen with it, or that gas inside. I thought maybe they released it onto the world and killed everyone if they didn't get what they wanted, but maybe not.

All in all this episode wasn't as good as the first, for me. I didn't find this episode giving much information, apart from Jack can never, ever, ever die, ever. And that goverenment order Jack to be killed, but we knew that already. However I didnt find the episode fun, exciting, and jam packed, not as fast paces as the first though.

7/10 from me, fantasic episode

THE REVIEW FOR DAY THREE WILL ARRIVE WITH DAY FOUR! so you'll have to wait wont you =



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