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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

New line up

This is the new line up of the stories. This way the stories will run better! Each episode has a short synopsis, hope you enjoy.

(you may notice that stories 8-13 are missing, that is because they story for them is being keep quiet)


1)the lonely playground – The Doctor investigates the disappearance of children in a village. It seems that the disappearances are all happening in the village playground, and a boy names Samson.
2) Shock – The Doctor decides to show off in front of his new companion, by taking her to the planet “Internet”, but the internet has been shut down, and there are two civilizations at war.

3) Grounds of earth – Earth is under threat, a giant slug race is going to feast upon the Earth, the doctor must save the earth, but this time it won’t be as easy

4, 5) Feed of the dead/ The stolen lives – An alien race known as the garagoths are invading earth and stealing the lives of humans. Cassie is put in grave danger when the garagoths kidnap the doctor and threaten to kill her and the Doctor if they don’t get what they came for.

6) Judgment of the Doctor – the Doctor takes Cassie to a hotel planet, which is completely electric. But someone on the planet wants the Doctor dead.

7) Lost in the Dark – The Doctor is separated from Cassie when the TARDIS is taken to a strange planet, where it is always night, with a giant maze. The Doctor and a new team must work through the maze to survive, but there are things in the dark.

hope you enjoy

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