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Monday, 27 April 2009

the first of many competitions

You may have noticed in my blog "Titles and villains" that I mentioned about the christmas story, I didn't really say much about it, although I did say that I'll "come back to that later". Well now I can tell you.

The christmas story is going to be entirely up to you, ofcourse I'll be writing it, but the monster and the storyline will be totally up to you, YES YOU!

To enter this competition (the first of many btw) just send me a bried discription of your monster, and the storyline to Vmidnight@live.co.uk,

The monster must have: a name, a home planet, a weakness, a discriptions of what it looks like (a picture can be included), also must a power.

The storyline must: be short, no more than 200 words. It must be set at christmas, on earth, present day. It must have a beginning, where the doctor comes to earth (with one companion, dont name them), and finds a monster, or something like that. A middle, where the doctor tries to stop the aliens, or gets captured, or has to save his companion. And an end, the Doctor saves the day and then leaves earth with his companion.

1) Only one monster per person,
2) A person can only enter once.
3) The monster must be new and orignial, NO COPYING monsters with new names.
4) The story must only feature one companion
5) The story must be new and original, NO COPYING
6) Be sensible
7) Create a monster and a story which is exciting and fun, no dule, sad stories.
8) Idea must be your own!
9) The story should have a christmas theme.
10) Follow the rules

Anyone who enters must follow the rules, those who dont will be ignored.
Just have fun with this, let your imagination run wild, dont hold back on an idea. Make sure that you read everything, so that you understand (a second read is advisable).

all enteries must sent by 1st SEPTEMBER 2009. The winner will be annouced on the 1st OCTOBER 2009.

George - Nox

(if your not clear on anything just email me)

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