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Monday, 24 May 2010

THE STORY: A great story, which had me captivated from the word go. The return of the Silurian's was brilliant, although I felt the story could have been more of a scary one. It seemed to lack a certain "wow, that was creepy" factor which I love in Doctor who. Hopefully this will be picked up in "Cold Blood".

THE DOCTOR AND AMY (Oh, and Rory): The Doctor was on top for in this episode, the best we've seen him so far. Amy wasn't really in the episode much, but her scenes were brilliant, a lot of scares for Amy this week. The part of her being "eaten" by the Earth was just genius, brilliantly scary genius. Rory seems to be a little less involved in this episode, as it many focused on The Doctor, but his scene's were brilliant, more serious then before.

THE ENEMY: The Silurian's were actually one of the best enemies we have seen this series. They are such a clever idea, and I love when classic enemies are brought into the new series. The Silurian's are so menacing, and a little creepy. Only thing I would say is that they don't have the third eye, which slightly disappoint me.

THE BEST BIT: The Doctors retort to Rory as his complains about the sonic screwdriver, "Oi! Don't diss the sonic!"

THE WORST BIT: The engagement ring scene, didn't seem needed. But it may be important later.

THE MOST INTERESTING BIT: The Doctor's conversation with Alaya, it was such a captivating and strong scene.
Rating: 3.9/5
What did you think of the episodes?

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  1. Great review the silurains were fab the Doc was fab and part 2 should be fab!