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Monday, 24 May 2010

Blog Fan Series. UPDATE #3 titles and synopsis'

1. The Unexpected Doctor
With The Doctor suddenly regenerating, in the blink of an eye, he is on the search for the truth. But the truth leads him to a old friend, Cassie Smith. Now The Doctor must prove to Cassie he is The Doctor, and save her from certain death as The Veilman arrives. But can he save himself first?

2. Judgement of the Jaradis
The Doctor takes Cassie to see the wonders of the human race in the 42nd century, taking her to the first ever man made planet. But there isn't anyone on the planet. A planet for human to live on, and there's no one. The Doctor must go into the heart of the planet to find out the truth, and find what has been waiting for him for centuries.

3. Drone of the 80's
Cassie is taken to the past as she sees her mum in her teens, the 80's, an era Cassie has always wanted to go. But why was the 80's so remembered for its music, what is the truth behind the melody?

4 & 5. TBA
TBA (Episodes evolving CSSC)

6. The Misplaced Souls
The Doctor, Cassie and, new companion Tom perpare for the worst as they discover a horrid truth behind the nature of the Trees of Earth. Now the Doctor must make one of the most difficult decisions of his life, but does this mean that Cassie and Tom will lose theirs?

7. People in the deep
On an desolate planet The Doctor  and his companions discover a weapon that must be destroyed before it explodes, creating massive a black hole. But the inhabitants of the planet aren't so willing to let go of the weapon.

8 & 9. Flicker & The Dead Waters
In a impossible house is trapped a deadly race, that have been locked away from the universe so that they are never found. But The Doctor and his companions have just found the house, and have walked into a trap that not all of them may survive. As The Dead Waters come, The Doctor must get out of the door.

10. Fade
The Doctor loses touch with reality as he fades from one world another. As one world is with his companions but he is about to die, and one in places his been before with his companions, but he is alone, both begin to seem less real as The Fade toys with The Doctor's mind, and threaten his existence in time.

11, 12 & 13 The Red Sky, From The Abyss, and Day of the Doomed
The last day of light has gone, and the doors of the Abyss have opened. The Doctor faces death as the most dangerous revenge plot unfolds. The one The Doctor fears the most has been set free, and is going to destroy The Doctor's world bit by bit. Humanity faces it's darkest day as the Abyss' shadow covers earth.

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