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Sunday, 9 May 2010

THE STORY: A great romp to really sink your teeth into (pun intended). A great return for Toby Whithouse to the world of Doctor Who. The story just had you drawn in from the moment The Doctor jumped out of the cake, truly amazing. And the Vampire, well weren't they just cracking, although they weren't actual vampires, they were alien fish, but still a good enemy for The Doctor. 
THE DOCTOR AND AMY (oh, and Rory): The addition of Rory just made things a whole lot funnier. Great one liners and fantasy. The Doctor shone in this episode. Matt Smith is The Doctor, no questions asked. He is able to go from gleefully winning against the Vampires, to upset when Gallifrey is mentioned, and then inquisitive about the silence and cracks in time. Amy Played a vital part in this episode, but she was slightly pulled back by the ties of Rory, which sort of put the dynamic of The Doctor and Amy on hold. 
THE ENEMY: Brillant. The "Vampires" themselves were scary and creepy and a lot of fun, whilst the Fish creatures, the Saturnynian's, were scary and strange, but didn't get enough time on screen. I would have also of liked to see the males under the water, a whole army of them would have been brilliant. A great enemy, that should defiantly return at some point.
THE BEST BIT: Rory and The Doctor discussing the kiss with Amy. Rory "Did you kiss her back", to which The Doctor replied "No, i kissed her mouth".  A classic moment.
THE WORST BIT: The Doctor climbing up the tower, the FX on this weren't as good as usual. This was the only thing that ruined it for me. 
THE MOST INTERESTING BIT: The conversation with The Doctor and Rosanna, very compeling and interesting. A battle of minds, always going to be brilliant. 

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