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Friday, 9 April 2010

Fan series news: Titles and Writers

All but one of the writers for the Fan series of Doctor Who have been chosen, and so have some of the Episode titles.

The Series will consist of 13 x 9 minute episodes, and will retain the Television series formate three 2 parter episodes (episode 4&5, 8&9, 12&13)

The whole series will feature The Doctor and his new companion Cassie Smith, who meets The Doctor in the strangest of ways. The series will also feature 2 other companions who will be making appearances later in the series. 

The Writers: 
George Edgington: 7 episodes
Sam Donaldson: 1 episode
Josh Bloxham: 1 episode
Hannah Bury: 1 episode
Bobby Tannock: 2 episodes
(unknown writer): 1 episode

The Episode Titles:
1.1 The unexpected Doctor
1.2 Judgement of the Jaradis
1.3 The Drone of the 80's
1.4&5 TBA
1.6 Children in the deep
1.7 TBA
1.8&9 The Dead Waters & From the Silence
1.10 TBA

1.11 The Red Sky
1.12&13 From the Abyss & The Last Day

The Cast:
The Doctor: Liam Walpole
Cassie Smith: Hannah Bury
Tom Henderson: Sam Donaldson
Annie Moon: Charlie Davies

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