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Saturday, 10 April 2010

BAFTA Cymru Wales Nominations

Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures have, collectively, secured 12 nominations forBAFTA Cymru's 19th Film, Television & Interactive Media Awards.

Best Drama Series/Serial for Television
Doctor Who – The End Of Time: Part One (Tracie Simpson)
Torchwood – Children Of The Earth: Day One 
(Peter Bennett)

Best Children's Programme
The Sarah Jane Adventures – The Temptation of Sarah Jane (Nikki Smith)

Best Interactive
Chwedlau Myrddin/Welsh Myths (BBC Cymru Wales, Preloaded)
Last Chance To See (Sian Davies, Anwen Aspden)
The Sarah Jane Adventures (Richard Jenkins, Anwen Aspden)

Best Sound
Torchwood – Children Of the Earth: Day One (Julian Howarth, Tim Ricketts, Doug Sinclair, Howard Eaves)

Best Editor
Torchwood – Children of the Earth: Day One (Will Oswald)

Best Design
Doctor Who – The Waters Of Mars (Edward Thomas)
Merlin (Dominic Roberts)

Best Costume
Torchwood – Children Of The Earth: Day One (Ray Holman)

Best Make-Up
Doctor Who – The End Of Time: Part One (Barbara Southcott)

Best Screenwriter
Torchwood – Children Of The Earth: Day One (Russell T Davies)

Best Original Music Soundtrack
Torchwood – Children Of The Earth: Day One (Ben Foster)

Best Actress
Torchwood – Children Of The Earth: Day One (Eve Myles)

The winners will be anounced at the BAFTA Cymru Awards ceremony on Sunday 23rd May at Wales Millennium Centre.

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