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Saturday, 20 March 2010

New trailer for the new series

Well this is amazing, and not long now till the new series.

What does this new trailer show us?
The Doctor showing Amy the wonders of the universe by hanging her out of the TARDIS
The new TARDIS interior
A futuristic city skyline
A rocky planet, with what looks like some statues lurking around
WW2 London, the sky filled with blimps
A Dalek coming out of a sandbag fortress. The Dalek is covered in some material. And the usual Dalek symbol underneath the eye stalk, has been replaced with the Uninon Jack.
The Doctor, Amy, and River Song running towards Stone Henge.
The Doctor searching around Stone Henge with his Sonic Screwdriver.
A white spaceship zooming past.
The Doctor with a torch, searching around some statues.
Soldiers running down a tunnel like corridor.
The Doctor and Amy hiding around a corner.
The Doctor standing by a television, which looks much like the one from the series 2 episode "The Idiots lantern"
A one armed Cyberman trying to attack Amy
The Doctor running.
Some horses galloping.
Vampires in Venice smashing a window.
A Dalek Ship in space being attacked by some smaller ships. A bright Blue light is coming from the Dalek ship.
A shot of the new console room in the TARDIS, there is a small explosion.
The Doctor standing on a rock, with a search light above his head.
A weeping angel.
Amy, with some sort of binding round her wrists.
A woman at a window, who looks likes she crying.
The Doctor jumping from an explosion.
The Doctor with a gun.

Personally, this looks more like a mid series trailer. But it is still amazing.

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