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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

THE STORY: The best story of this series, without argument. It was such an emotional and amazing journey, that grabbed you right from the get go. There wasn't one part of the story that made me think that it wasn't needed. And it was also nice to see that this was more a character based story, but this time a guest star as the main feature, instead of it being The Doctor and the companion. And you could tell that Richard Curtis wrote this one, it was just truly amazing, little one liners that made you giggle, strong emotion filled lines that made you well up. A truly great story.

THE DOCTOR AND AMY: They weren't really a main feature of this episode, as it mainly focused on Van Gogh. But the Dynamic created by the death of Rory is really quite spectacular is some ways. The Doctor seems more lenient with Amy and what she does, but at the same time, more protective over her. A good story for these two time travellers, but overshadowed by Van Gogh and his absolute brilliance. 

THE ENEMY: In my opinion, there wasn't an enemy in this episode, the Krafayis seemed more lost and lonely and innocent to be an enemy, he was just scared. So, for me, the true enemy of this episode was the emotional torture, that Vincent Van Gogh went through, and what was made present to us in the episode. 

THE BEST BIT: The scene of Van Gogh being shown how loved he is by so many in the future. Every must have had a tear in their eye for that. 

THE WORST BIT: The music for that scene slightly ruined it for me, I thought that Murray Gold could have composed something for that scene, something like doomsday or similar to that, that would have been just as powerful. 

THE MOST INTERESTING BIT: The scenes that features Van Gogh's depression.


What did you think? 

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