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Monday, 3 May 2010

Time of Angels & Flesh and Stone: Review

THE STORY: The story for these episodes were absolutely amazing. They keep me on the edge of my seat and gasping at almost every scene. The scenes with Amy walking through the forest on the Byzanitum was so tense and scary, as was the rest of "Flesh and Stone". The Doctor and River songs realisation that they were standing in an army of angels was amazing, so scary and shocking. The resolution to the cliffhanger was clever and unexpected, I thought that there would be some sort of gravity involved, but I didn't know to what extent it would be used. And the Crack being slightly explain made the story even better, Brought up so many more questions. A really great story for both "Time of Angels" and "Flesh and Stone".

THE DOCTOR AND AMY: A very good dynamic to the two characters in this story. It seemed that it focused on Amy then the Doctor, but this was a good thing. With "The Eleventh Hour" and "Victory of the Daleks" being mainly a Doctor episode, and "The Beast Below" with mainly both of them. It was good to see Amy take the lime light and show her true potentiality as a brilliant companion.

THE ENEMY: As always The Weeping angels were brilliant, more amazing and scare then they were in "Blink". The scene where they moved was truly terrifying and completely shocked me.They are probably the scariest Doctor Who enemy to date. An story with them is always going to be amazing.

THE BEST BIT: Amy teasing The Doctor about River Song. "Ooh, Doctor, you sonicked her!", "You are mister grumpy face today."

THE WORST BIT: The kiss scene was a little far fetched, but a lot of fun. There wasn't really a WORST bit for this story, so I just choose my least favourite bit. 

THE MOST INTERESTING BIT: The scenes with the Crack. We were told a little, but so many more questions were brought up. All the stuff with the cracks just makes you think.


What did you think of these 2 episodes?

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