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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Cold Blood, the review

THE STORY: A very good and suiting completion to the story that started in The Hungry Earth. This part of the story seemed more fulfilling and adventurous then The Hungry Earth, but that episode was mainly for building tension and setting the story out. As I said before, these stories could have been more creepy. The way that the masked Silurian's look is so menacing and creepy, so much more could have been done with that. Overall I was a brilliant story, and lived up to the expectations that were left by The Hungry Earth.

THE DOCTOR AND AMY (OH AND RORY):  All three of the usual cast were on top form this week, more so The Doctor, just for those final few scenes, truly sad. The lack of Amy in the last episode was made up for in this episode, a very strong and worth while story for Amy. And Rory, oh poor Rory.

THE ENEMY: Once again, the Silurian's was brilliant. A lot more menacing and scary in this episode, but still not reaching there full potential of creepiness. Still they are great, and new envisioning of a classic enemy, one that will hopefully appear a few times over the Moffat era.

THE BEST BIT: The scene where Alaya's body is brought back to the Silurian city, an amazingly powerful scene.

THE WORST BIT: Not really the worst bit, but Nasreen could have been a better character, some of the lines she said were quite cheesy and just annoyed me.

THE MOST INTERESTING BIT: The meeting over the sharing of the planet.

RATING 4.5/5
What did you think of the episode?

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