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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Blog Fan Series. UPDATE #4 Competition

In the second series of the Into the vortex Doctor Who series, you will be able to have the chance to create your own enemy for The Doctor face in a special episode titled "Forget"
Your enemy must be good foe for The Doctor, and make it difficult for The Doctor to defeat them. The enemy must have: a name, a home planet, a weakness, a discriptions of what it looks like, and it's importance in the story. 

To make sure that your enemy fits with the story, here is a little synopsis of the episode:
People come in and out of our lives, most of them we forgot. But what if forgetting meant they never exsisted? The Doctor is thrown into chaos when a mysterious enemy begins to mess with his timeline, and those of his companions. Time is running out as people begin to forget The Doctor. 

RULES (well more guildlines):
1) Only one enemy per person,
2) A person can only enter once.
3) The enemy must be new and orignial.
4) The enemy must be something that we can recreate
5) The enemy must fit in with the story
6) Be sensible
7) Make the monster fun and exciting, something different
8) Idea must be your own!

Just have fun with this, let your imagination run wild, dont hold back on an idea. Make sure that you read everything, so that you understand.

Competition closes 1st July 2010. The winner will be annouced 10th July 2010. 

either comment on this post, or in the cbox to enter. 

good luck!


  1. Harry here. I still vote for the rapinator. he's from the rohypnol system and his only weakness is having peoples permission. his power is he can make people give in to their darkest desires

  2. Name: The Creeper
    Planet: Mislivan System "The Dark Forest"

    A hooded humanoid his face is not visable but he can morph parts of his body for example his hands can turn into a weapon of some sort. He can disguise himself as others. He changes timelines to create chaos and make others suffer for the fact that his homeplanet was destroyed.

    sorry if its a bit rubbish you can change the details if you wish!