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Friday, 8 January 2010

Series 5 writers revealed

Earlier this week in Doctor Who magazine, Steven Moffat revealed the names of the writers for the fifth series of Doctor Who (Or the first, which ever your calling it).
The list also says how many episodes each writer is writing:

Steven Moffat - (6 Episodes)
Mark Gatiss - (1 Episode)
Toby Whithouse - (1 Episode)
Simon Nye - (1 Episode)
Chris Chibnall - (2 Episodes)
Richard Curtis - (1 Episode)
Gareth Roberts - (1 Episode)

Steven Moffat stated that he has written episodes One, Two, Four, Five, Twelve & Thirteen.

From this we can assume that Four & Five will be the weeping angels/ River Song episodes, as that story is said to be a two parter. Episodes Twelve & Thirteen will also be a two parter, as they are the series final.
It is unclear whether episodes One & Two will be a two parter, I doubt it will be.

Mark Gatiss is said to have written the Dalek/ WW2 story.

Richard Curtis has written an episode involving Vincent Van Gogh, and him stabbing a Yellow Monster.


It has been reported that the first episode of the series will be titled "The Eleventh Hour".

The first of the Weeping Angels/ River Song episodes is reportedly titled "Time of Angels". The second of these episodes is apparently titled "Flesh and stone".

The Vampire - Humanoid episode is reportedly titled "Vampires of Venice".

1 comment:

  1. It looks set to be a brilliant series! With the brilliant team of writers lined up, how can it go wrong? We also have the Weeping Angels, River Song, Vampires and the DALEKS! I will miss David Tennant and I think that he will always be my Doctor but I'm convinced that Matt Smith is going to be brilliant!