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Monday, 4 January 2010

42 images from the trailer

Here are 42 images taken from the trailer for the new series. I have put them together into different episode, so "we" can see what the episodes "might" be about.

Some of the images I have not been sure of, so I have just put them with the episode that I thought it fitted into. I may be completely wrong, but I may be partly right.

Episode 1:
We know this is episode one because through most of it, The Doctor is wearing Ten's clothes. And Amy is in her police uniform.
The person standing with Amy seems to be a Doctor/ Nurse.
The part where The Doctor pushes the doors open is either in a hospital or a police station.
The Doctor will need a new sonic screwdriver after that small explosion.

River song/ Weeping angels story:
From looking at the picture and who's in what picture, River song and the famous weeping angels will be in the same story.
I get the feeling this episode may be a two parter.
The picture where River Song falls onto the Doctor is set in the TARDIS, which looks quite good.
Army Soldiers are seen going down a tunnel with River Song, a tunnel which also has the Weeping Angels.
The Soldiers are also seen with The Doctor, walking past a few of the Weeping Angels.

Dalek/ WW2 story:
Again this might be a two parter, although I am doubting it as Steven Moffat has been reported saying that he didn't want to bring back old characters/monsters. But the Weeping Angels are back, so who knows.
I'm not sure if the first picture is in the same story as the one with the Daleks, but the thing in background looks like a Dalek.
And there's white a Dalek, with a strange looking eye piece. Maybe this means there is going to be special weapon daleks...

??? Story:
I'm not sure what this episode is going to be about. But it involves some sort of reptile type creature, maybe one of them begin a robot (the one with the black eyes?)

??? epsiode / cloaked figures:
Im really not sure about this episode, but one of the pictures (the one with the three cloaked figures) says "Magpies electrical" on a red sign.
The cloaked may not be in this episode, neither may be the Doctor with the glasses that look like they are 3-D. Im also not sure if the angry looking robot head is in this episode, but the images look like the linked together.

Vampire story:
This is another episode that I'm not sure about. It looks like the creatures in this episode are Vampire like, it also looks like the episode is set in the past, possibly 1800's...

??? episode:
This episode seems to involve Amy and The Doctor getting wet, and them falling down a tube.

Other images:
Im not sure where these images fit in, or what episodes they go into.
They show the lower part of the TARDIS (as it apparently has to levels to it).
The Doctor pointing a gun at something above him, a Boy standing in a graveyard, and Amy looking scared.

If this trailer is anything to go by, this is going to be a great series.
And if this follows the trend of the other series trailers this is only showing clips from the first seven episodes of that series.

What do you think?

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